SEO: A Quick Rundown of Search Engine Optimization

Though a bit frustrating, I was engaged in a relatively exciting conversation today with a guy on LiveChat, our website. He was curious about learning what SEO companies do. Although we are primarily an inbound marketing firm, we are good at SEO too and now and then end up explaining SEO to the non-industry folks – therefore, the inquiry. The discussion brought up a few fascinating points, which I shall throw light on in this write-up. Search engine optimization has two aspects. There is the technical part that the people at Moz have laid it out very accurately and comprehensively in their ‘SEO for beginners’ guide, and then there is the reminder that comprises the less scientific information. After listening to this, the guy asked me again, “what do you people do?”.

Technical SEO is a Part of the Picture

In life, you can expect certain things to happen if you do certain things a certain way. For instance, if you take driving lessons, you’ll learn how to drive. Regular exercising would make you fitter and feel better. Most people wrongly believe that technical SEO works similarly. In other words, optimizing a page doesn’t necessarily mean improved search rankings.

Driving lessons would help you drive a vehicle, but would not make you ready for F1 car racing. Exercising would make you healthier, but you will not win Olympic gold just because you are a fitter person. To become an Olympic gold medalist or an F1 champion, you’ll have to do more than what regular people do. Besides putting in the extra effort, you must possess an attribute that others do not have, or no one can take away from you. Luck does play a part, but there’s a lot more than that. SEO functions similarly.

Technical optimization is imperative, but you shouldn’t be expecting a sea of changes to happen overnight. Getting your website to rank high is a lot more than just placing those title tags and keywords right.

What Do SEO Firms Do?

More than a handful of SEO firms focus primarily on technical SEO. We, however, go beyond that and try to understand our client’s company, and then create a strategy to bring in the right type of potential buyers to their business. This comprises technical matters, but we usually spend more time and effort on good content. Content that people find helpful and are willing to share with others.

In short, our SEO or inbound marketing services primarily entails helping clients come closer to their potential buyers.

We cannot put it out in definite terms because our approach isn’t the same for all our clients. The guy I was talking to was expecting me to be a bit more specific, but I couldn’t be any more exact than that. SEO is an industry that’s constantly evolving. Its scope cannot be confined to a set of principles or practices.

Do You Prefer Clients or Rankings?

If search ranking is all that you are after, any reliable SEO agency will get it done for you. However, they could rank you for the wrong phrases or keywords, or the traffic coming to your site may not be right for your business. Search marketing in a vacuum is of zero use.

Therefore, if you’d like your site to create leads, want it to create a stronger and tangible impact on the bottom line of your company, you should acknowledge the fact that SEO would not be able to do it all by itself. Therefore, if you care about attracting more customers and increasing revenues, stop wasting time on SEO and learn more about inbound marketing. I hope this widens your perspective.