Why RV Camping in BC Can’t be Beat

rv camping

RV camping in BC can be one of the best ways that you can enjoy and explore everything that British Columbia has to offer. There are many benefits to RV camping along the way rather than travelling between hotels or traditional tent camping in campgrounds. British Columbia is full of all kinds of different campgrounds that you can visit on your trip throughout the Province. There are plenty of great things to do for leisurely fun when you visit BC for those who own RVs. Learn more in this article on why RVing around BC is so much fun.

Why RV camping is better than traditional camping

Move around quicker without setting up anything

Your vacation time should be spent enjoying it! RV’s are great for being able to arrive at your destination and be setup ready to enjoy the surroundings.  You do not have to spend time trying to setup your tents or anything similar. Just park in your RV campsite, and simply enjoy. And when you’re ready for your trip to end, there’s no tricky poles to pack away, allowing you to start the engine and move.

Home away from home

rv motorhome by lakeVacationing in your RV is sort of like travelling in your home away from home. You can be driving on the highway while your family plays cards or watches some movies in the back. It is the perfect way to interact with each other and just enjoy the traveling experience as you enjoy your surroundings.

RV Resorts

When you travel around BC in an RV, there are some really wonderful places to stop. These resorts often provide direct hookups for your sewage and electricity, and are often much more affordable than traditional Hotel/Motel accommodations around the province. Their locations are also closer to nature generally, allowing you to hop into the lake if you like waterspouts, or perhaps unload your recreational vehicles and ATV or Dirtbike.

Beat the elements

Let’s face it. The weather in BC can be unpredictable! Nothing says comfort like staying warm and dry on a wet night.

What to do throughout BC

Depending on the time of year that you are planning on travelling, you can find lots of things to do throughout the Summer months in your RV.  Visit the http://www.hellobc.com/ website for up to date Tourism information or visit Eagle Island Resort for a great place for RV camping in BC.