What is a Las Vegas doggy daycare camp?

A doggy daycare camp is another name for a traditional dog boarding facility called a kennel. They have been founded in selected places of the United States of America, Canada and Britain, and are as a result from the increased knowledge that there are fewer public spaces for dogs to run free with no restrictions. At dog daycare camps, the animals can play around and socialize the whole day, both indoors and outdoors, supervised by human beings. Since dogs are sociable animals, stressful moments are reduced more than in a boarding facility where dogs spend the majority of time in a kennel unlike Luxe in Las Vegas, Nevada where they get to run free more.

Las Vegas Canine Daycare Benefits

They include:

Letting dogs run free

In most urban and suburban areas, dogs must be on a watch when outdoors, dog camps give the animals an opportunity to run undisturbed and do some exercises.

Exercise for dogs

One 40-acre facility has an agility course for dogs. Other great dog daycare camps encourage dogs to have exercise by catching Frisbees.

Socializing experience for dogs

The benefit is that dogs can play with other dogs of their kind. However, some dog camps are not good for dogs that are not used to be social. Breeds that may be too aggressive to mingle smaller breeds, more timid or gentler are also not recommendable to be at a camp.

Stress reduction

A dog camp is less stressful than being left in a cage when its owner is on trip.

Human-dog interaction

Many facilities provide places for humans to stay with their dogs while at the camp. These places are cabins and tents.

Training dogs

Some camps do teach dogs a specialty skill. Other camps help to teach dogs rescue skills and that includes teaching a dog to tow an unskilled human swimmer to the shore.

Training humans to work with dogs better

Dogs are helpful in promoting desirable dog ownership and educate individuals about the merits of the human-Canine bond.

Special needs dogs

Some facilities are dedicated for dogs with special needs. This includes; Puppies with certain problems, or older dogs that may need medical attention.



Drawbacks for Daycare for Dogs in Las Vegas, Nevada


Since dog camps are usually located in rural areas (Luxe pet hotels is located in Downtown Las Vegas, NV), it is sometimes a long- distanced drive to get to the facility. Possibility of dog being injured. Pet owners go for the safety aspect of a Kennel, where their dog’s cage separates them from all other dogs. Disease. There is likeliness of disease when many dogs get into contact with each other, which is different from a kennel in which every dog is physically separated. Vaccinated dogs are however of little concern


Camps are mostly located in rural and woody areas, streams or lakes, and open fields that provide running and which typically have large areas. Other camps need reservations and hence booking for years in advance. The camp’s owner lives in close proximity to the dogs.


Dog camps usually screen potential canine guests for aggressive tendencies for they do not want to risk fights and injuries to the animals or to humans.